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Magicians and Astronauts

There are always certain key events during one’s childhood that leave psychological and emotional marks forever. One would be wrong to ignore these experiences later in life. I remember my first experience with magic. I must had been around 7 years old when David Copperfield performed in Mexico City. I cannot remember much of the show, except one trick where he makes a paper flower levitate, and then with a lighter, he burns it only to reveal a real rose. This image stayed with me for the years to come. When I met Derren Brown in Shunt , who kindly gave me a DVD with one of his shows, that I just couldn’t live any longer without venturing into the underground world of performing magic and conjuring. After learning some effects, attending magic shows and magic conventions I started to research about what actually magic is. I am interested in how magic works in our minds and the processes it triggers. Magic is a big word that conveys a series of meanings. Personally I am not interested in natural magic or so-called real magic. My fascination started with performance and with a very sceptical approach to anything magical. However, I am very interested in the workings of magical thinking. It didn’t took me long to find some interesting connections between the space race and magical thinking. Some of these stories are well known within some circles in the space exploration world. Also I have to thank Nick Campion for sharing his knowledge on this topic.... Read More..