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All These Worlds...

Title: “Beach by Dan Durda” Caption: “Sunrise on a very distant beach.” Otherworldly planetary landscapes and their alien biotas fill my space artwork thanks to a nearly life-long fascination with the idea that we might live in a galaxy packed to the rafters with habitable worlds. As I described in my first blog entry, there was no doubt I was going to end up in a career in science. As a youngster I lapped it all up - astronomy, geology, biology, you name it. I think it was because of the influence of all the nature documentaries I watched growing up that I've always had a special fondness for biology and natural history. As I've described, though, I work today as a professional astronomer thanks to Cosmos. The interwoven themes through a couple episodes of Cosmos of the potential diversity of architectures of other planetary systems and the vast stage for the play of life that they represent really struck a chord with me during my early teenage years. Wonderfully, beautifully merging my deep connection to things biological with my long interest in astronomy, a pathway to that inevitable science career was being paved. Title: “Extrasolar Planet by Dan Durda” Caption: “An icy moon of a Neptune-like exoplanet.” I have clear, fond, and early memories of scanning the night sky with my Dad's binoculars. I grew to love every detail of Moon's cratered surface and even picking out some of the Galilean moons of Jupiter every now and then. Very early on I had even... Read More..