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Barbara de Ligt (Part 1) - AstroArtist of the Month, December 2014

Always fascinated by the universe and miracles of life, Barbara (1984) plunged into astronomy, reading books written by Stephen Hawking and other scientists, and learning some extra physics when she was in high school. Maybe she would to be an astronomer some day… This did not happen! For Barbara’s interests where all over the place and she couldn’t focus enough on only scientific studies…  After deciding that she didn’t want to spend her young life on hours of math and other mental constructions in her apartment, she decided to put all the books aside and started exploring the world in her own way, hunger for life experience and deeper meanings. Barbara changed her focus on visiting other countries (especially Japan), learning other languages and about other people’s life view, beliefs and realities. How do people experience the cosmos? What is it that we live in? Who are we? It felt too boring to only rely on empirical science... She was sure there were way more dimensions about life than she was used to!  Barbara wanted to feel it, see it, and draw conclusions for herself. In the meanwhile, she has always loved drawing and did some sketches now and then, trying to translate and express her impressions and insights in all sorts of ways. Trusting her senses, given by nature and without knowing it at the time, she started her own life experiment by integrating everything into one: science, experience, spirituality, arts, philosophy, social interaction, body movement and more... She felt that everything was connected... Read More..