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AstroArtist of the Month - Lucy West (3 of 4)

The Cosmos on a Palette "Star Path" Space art is a genre I absolutely adore. It reels with visions of possibilities for our specie's future endeavors. It's a thrilling subject to probe and inspires the imagination. Like space exploration, space art is laden with vast opportunities of discovery. It's one of those vehicles that approaches the big questions, scientific and philosophical questions. It's the opportunity to peer back in time, to the beginning of time, to look toward the future, to investigate our origins, to understand our place in the universe, to better understand the very elements that make up who we are and all that is around us. In my minds eye, as I paint, I love to imagine I'm visiting the worlds we are just now learning about, such as Pluto, Enceladus, and Europa. In my mind's eye I voyage with future explorers to the surface of distant worlds to conduct research. I am far from Earth looking back at our beautiful blue planet and imagine how much I would miss this special and fragile oasis. These thoughts move me to create. “Shoreline of Sputnik Planum” It is tremendously exciting to create abstract and conceptual pieces that tell our human story, the excitement of discovery, or the emotional response to exploring new realms. Anything can happen in pieces like these. You can tell a story that takes 30 minutes to verbally describe, but just one glance of a well-crafted image can make a viewer see a story in its entirety, stories that reach... Read More..