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AstroArtist of the Month - Nicole Stott (2 of 4)

I look forward to sharing some of my own artwork and the inspiration behind it as part of this blog series, but for this installment I would like to share a little bit about another AstroArts project I'm supporting. The project is called “Hope 1: The Space Suit Art Project”. My guess is that anyone reading this blog will agree that spaceflight and all that goes along with it is inspirational. This inspiration presents itself in so many ways - inspiring children to pursue an education and careers in STEM fields, inspiring innovative research and technology developments, inspiring cooperation between countries and organizations that once were not so cooperative, inspiring us to work together to build and successfully operate the most complex spacecraft ever, and inspiring us to continue to challenge ourselves to work together to explore off our planet in order to improve life for everyone here on Earth. Just as the view through a spacecraft window will always provide the fortunate viewer with some beautiful, unexpected surprise to see, it's also really wonderful to witness the inspiration that spaceflight provides in very unexpected and surprising ways. I consider myself blessed to have experienced the view through our spacecraft windows and all of the other amazing things that go along with flying in space, but in this post-flight stage of my life I'm feeling equally if not more blessed by the projects I now have the opportunity to support as a result of that spaceflight experience. I believe that ‘The Space Suit Art Project'... Read More..