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AstroArtist of the Month - Federico Delfrati (1 of 4)

Hello, my name is Federico Delfrati and I'm an italian visual artist currently living and working in Munich. I started as a graphic designer in Milano but after completing a BA in communication design I decided to shift my studies towards the Fine Arts. This decision led me to the Brera Fine Art Academy of Milano in which I focused on printmaking. After one year I applied for the Fine Art Academy of Munich as an erasmus exchange student and never moved back. Here, i began to specialize my approach towards Lithography and soon after with third dimentional works. In 2015 i graduated in sculpture from the class of Hermann Pitz. I am currently developing and experimenting with equal enthusiasm on both sides of my artistic approach: lithography and artist's books on the one hand and installations on the other. My research begins with a finished system of images that pops into my mind. These images arise from my interest in physical sciences and I often have to read up on physical theories in order to transform my ideas into functioning installations. As I am not a physical scientist, I often adopt a trial and error strategy in order to make my art works viable. My projects are about the act of trying despite all the known shortcomings. They project an image of humanity in the face of nature that is vulnerable, manipulative and brave. My passion for astronomy can be dated a long time back but only since one year ago was i capable... Read More..