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AstroArtist of the Month - Federico Delfrati (2 of 4)

This work consists out of a 24 hours long performance about astronomical observation. Within the four walls of a hotel room, I followed for 24 hours the movement of the star ‘Vega' in the sky with the help of a computerized telescope (telescopes that can be programmed to lock on and follow any celestial body for as long as needed).
Using the telescope as a tool to spot where Vega would be at any given moment i marked the star's path around me in the room with post-its.
Each post-it contained the time of the day/night and the degree of its angle related to our four Cardinal Points. Alongside this tracking project i created a journal of observation for the entirety of the performance. Each note corresponds to one degree of rotation of planet Earth. The journal ends at 360°: 24 hours after the beginning of the performance.
Within this journal i collected the entirety of thoughts and actions that accompanied me during this journey and the struggle of the infinitesimally small human dimension to keep up with cosmic scales and rhythms. Read More..