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AstroArtist of the Month - Federico Delfrati (3 of 4)

'An uncertain map of the known universe made of wax, wood, clay, ropes and various paper' This work consists out of a personal approach to the three-dimensional mapping of the known universe using non-processed/natural materials (wax, paper, wood, chord, clay). It is the product of a four months long collaboration with the artist Ieva Jakusonoka (link: 
By shaping the whole installation as a cube, the focus is to underline the limits of our knowledge as mankind. A finite shape where memory can't evade from.
The composition of the work's structure offers many layers of visual interpretation as the observer is pushed outside of what he's normally part of: his/her personal and universal cage of knowledge. The artwork has been produced and exhibited within the walls of the Fine Art Academy of Munich in 2013 and took part of a two years long exhibition in the Goethe Institute entitled 'Szenenwechsel II'.
On the day of the opening in the Academy a problem with the general lighting forced us to find a solution for the show to continue. It was then that the simple use of a LED torch turned the whole installation inside out and wrapped everything in its sharp, black net. The observers found themselves again inside the system they were contemplating from the outside. Read More..