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AstroArtist of the Month - Federico Delfrati (4 of 4)

My artistic approach towards astronomy takes its roots from a serie of earlier works whose main focus is the projection of the human proportion upon greater natural and physical scales. The desire to observe, understand and control is a prerogative proper of our specie: within my works I try to visualise this human need inevitably clashing against something that is far greater but at the same time that seems close enough for us to challenge it. 
The constant trial and error brought mankind to achieve progress and to push the boundaries of the unknown always further. We always dared to fulfill the hunger for knowledge even if we know that will ultimately fail to grasp everything in its entirety. ‘Of the ongoing struggles against a gravity' is a work that merges the modern-days technology of drones with the greek myth of Icarus. The work presents itself as an ongoing study about the possibilities and failures concerning the creation of a machine that would respond and be drawn only by the sun.
For the project I created several drones whose structure is made out of wax. The motors that would allow the drones to fly are powered by solar-cells without any extra control chips. Once exposed under the sunlight the machines would take off only to melt away (as Icarus' wings did) as they would approach the sun. This work is about the process of trying to create such a scenario, accepting all its possible failures, as gravity might or might not win over the dream to... Read More..