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AstroArtist of the Month - Julien Salaud (1 of 4)

Les Grottes Stellaires Editor's Translation: The Animaux stellaires (Stellar Animals) are part of a series developed since 2008, inspired by the work of an ethnoastronomer at the Lascaux Cave. According to Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, the main points of the animals painted on the walls of the Salles des Tauraux, match the location of stars in the sky: they form a map of constellations that still today can be found in the sky. In addition, the cave is inclined so that the sun enters and illuminates the paintings during summer solstices. The researcher also concluded that the caves were a shamanic ritual site. The paintings in fact seem to be made in a state of trance. When looking at the paintings on the walls of the cave, they seem projected towards what is more distant in our world: the stars. In my stellar work, taxidermy replaces the cave, the highlight is the relationship between the interior (the spiritual) and the exterior (the animal's body) that is projected towards the stars, with the wires corresponding to the gesture of linking the stars together to create constellations. In spring 2010, Edouard Sufrin asked to adapt one of my pieces for his exhibition Lightcycle: the piece had to change according to white or black light. For this occasion I proposed the Constellation de la chevrette (Constellation of the Goat): a stuffed goat, covered with nails and white cotton thread. In white light, you could see the body of the animal as coated with a white cocoon. In black light, the... Read More..