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AstroArtist of the Month - Arthur Woods (1 of 4)

My name is Arthur Woods and I have been personally involved in humanity's space program for almost 60 years. I am very pleased to have been invited to share my work and my experiences in the AstroArts program on the Astronomers Without Borders website. I especially like the designation of “AstroArtists” that is being used on the website. I say that because I consider myself to be an astronautical artist in that my artistic work related to space has been mostly about art designed to be realized beyond Earth's atmosphere and as such, it relies on the science and technology of astronautics in order to be realized. One could generalize that “astronautical art” is art that utilizes or integrates space technology for its realization and as such, it could be considered as a counterpart to “astronomical art” which is rather more dedicated to the visualization of outer space. Indeed, astronomy is about observing and studying what lies beyond Earth's atmosphere and astronautics is about developing the means to travel to and navigate beyond Earth's atmosphere. In this post and in subsequent posts I plan to talk about: My personal background and early involvement in space activities eventually leading to my art-in-space projects. O.U.R.S. – the Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite , the OUR-Space Peace Sculpture , SEEDS projects and the OURS Foundation. The realization of the Cosmic Dancer and Ars Ad Astra: The 1st Art Exhibition in Earth Orbit projects on the Mir space station as well as other cultural projects and activities carried out in... Read More..