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AstroArtist of the Month - Arthur Woods (4 of 4)

This final post discusses the terrestrial activities of the OURS Foundation, the evolution of my painting with a realistic focus on the home planet, the Greater Earth and Space Option concepts that emerged as a rationale for space development and finally, on my current activities that emphasize that space development is a critically needed alternative to war. The OURS Foundation The OURS Foundation was founded in 1990 as a legal entity and vehicle to organize, manage and fund the astronautical art projects that it was developing. All of the members of the board of directors believed, however, that this non-profit organization should have a broader mandate dedicated to introducing, nurturing and expanding a cultural dimension to humanity's astronautical endeavors. This intent was embodied in the statutes: STATEMENT The exploration and development of outer space are contributing to a new awareness of humanity's place and purpose in the cosmos as well as creating new opportunities for its advancement and enrichment, both on and beyond its home planet Earth. It is considered essential that a cultural aspect becomes integrated into these astronautical endeavors in order to insure their success and benefit to all present and future generations. PURPOSE The primary purpose of the OURS Foundation is to introduce, nurture and expand a cultural dimension to humanity's astronautical endeavors. This task will be manifested through the identification, investigation, support and realization of related cultural, astronautical, humanitarian, environmental and educational activities which may take place both on and off planet Earth, and which are deemed as beneficial to the... Read More..