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AstroArtists of the Month - Alexander Ryneus and Per Bifrost (1 of 4)

'I am pleased to welcome Swedish film makers Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus as our guest artists for October. Per and Alexander are currently working on a fascinating fictio-documentary called 'Earthling's Quest', focusing on SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and METI (Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) research. Back in July I had the pleasure to interview them to discuss the content of the documentary in greater details. Per and Alexander will continue presenting their work throughout October, posting updates on the development of their project'. Daniela de Paulis. Interview: I see that you have been spending time and interviewing some of the most renowned SETI and METI scientists, what is the documentary exactly about? It's a journey into the world of alien hunting, starring Jill Tarter, Seth Shostak, Jon Richards and Douglas Vakoch (among others). The film is a parallell story about the search for an alien signal and the controversial quest to start broadcasting messages from earth. The focus is on the people who devoted their life to try to find ET and their ongoing quest and the questions it raises during the journey. What drives them, and who are the people doing this. We find it super exciting with these people working with a quest that can take so long time, but if they succeed will have such a huge impact. This is the behind the scenes story. SETI scientist Jill Tarter What has been the focus of your filming so far and how do you want to progress with the documentary? The focus... Read More..