Big Round Moon

Oct 04
By Clarence G. Underwood, California, USA

ClarenceUnderwoodBigRoundMoon 460

Big round Moon, shining bright.
For eons we have bathed in your light.
And now that we are walking upright,
We have created our very own light.

The nights are bright down here on Earth.
And for the first time since our birth,
We don't look up anymore.
In your bright light we don't put store.

Look up everybody, can't you see,
The Moon is still there looking at you and me.
When the oil runs out and the power too,
We'll go back to looking up at you.

O Moon so bright with your shining steady light,
We will once again see you in the night!

Photo by: Clarence G. Underwood, taken August 2019. Used a 70mm refractor telescope with a cell phone. 


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