At “Astro 2019” or How to Experiment an Innovative Astropoetry-Cosmopoetry Implant

Dec 06
A cosmopoetry concept with text by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, photos by George Tanase (1), Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (2, 3), Nelu Rugan (4, 7), Cosmin Sorin Miclos (6) and Valentin Grigore (5, 8)

For the national conference of the astronomical associations, organized by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM at Targoviste and Runcu Stone, Dambovita County, Romania, November 1 - 5, 2019.

AndreiG120519A 600 

During the daytime
rainbow coloring souls as
replacer of stars 

AndreiG120519B 600

 AndreiG120519C 600

AndreiG120519D 600 

1. Gravitating to a Luminous Entity 

Let’s imagine enthusiastic sky lovers
(amateur and professional astronomers,
dedicated teachers and high school students,
telescope makers and astrophotographers)
coming from all directions
to the library of the former capital city
to present lectures on
astronomical activities for the public at large,
research from asteroids to the sun
and to deep sky object astrophotography,
and experiences from instruments
to expeditions of astro-tourism.

Astropoetry Implant

The event began
with the launching of an astropoetry book
and with not one, but two presenters:
the official moderator-announcer
(also the chief-organizer and the national coordinator
for Astronomers Without Borders)
and an astro-entertainer who completed the lectures
with his own astroproverbs
(quatrains with a philosophical-astronomical conclusion).

2. Closer to the Stars

Let’s image the same group as an astro-caravan
moving from the Targoviste (Dambovita) Library
to a mountain pension, Runcu Stone,
and transforming it into an astronomical fortress
through various (parallel or collective) workshops:
observations of the sky, telescopes, astrophotography,
administrative debates, astro-tourism presentations,
a national calendar of astro-activities,
the record of a new episode for
the national astronomical TV show (“Us and the Sky”)
and even the creation of astropoetry.

Cosmopoetry Implant

Over there, an evening began with
a Cosmopoetry Gala that included:
astropoetry, astroproverbs, astro-tipuritura-strigatura,
astrohaiga (haiku and photo) projections,
prose-poems, an astro-folk music videoclip,
extracts from a classical music CD
and a book of astropoetry,
an original open tribune for metaphors
(in which over 20 astronomers - ages between 5 and 69 -
expressed their love for astronomy
through astropoems and short essays)
and an astro-poetic-musical-humorous sketch.

3. The Moral

If you really want complexity,
Astropoetry and cosmopoetry
Can happily be
Both echo and part
Of astronomy.

AndreiG120519E 600

AndreiG120519F 600

AndreiG120519G 600

Stars inspiring souls
as replacers of sunlight
for cosmic people

AndreiG120519H 600

ADG’s note:

Special thanks to:

-Chief organizer Valentin Grigore and the associations and institutions that, together with SARM, participated in the ASTRO 2019: Meridian 0-Prime Meridian (Oradea), Ucenicul Astronom-Astronomer Disciple (Miercurea Ciuc), Bucharest Astroclub, Brasov Astroclub, Magyar Astronomical Association of Transylvania, Orion (Tulcea), Sirius (Barlad), Astronomer Experience (Constanta), Romanian Association for Education through Astronomy, Telescope Expert (Miercurea Ciuc), Astro Nauticus (Mangalia), magazine Science and Technique, University of Craiova, EURONEAR, Romanian National Astronomical Committee, Admiral Vasile Urseanu Bucharest Municipal Observatory, Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy.

-Arlene C. Brill (USA), proofreader for my text.

Copies of “Astral Symphony”, an astropoetry anthology by Zigmund Tauberg (age 92), were used as prizes for the participants.


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