2019 AstroPoetry Winners - Children’s Category

Jun 03

Congratulations Entrants!


First Place 

Black Hole-The Non-Stop Easter
by Kyna Rathaur, New Delhi, India

I am a black hole,
big huge and round
I eat everything to which I am bound
I wish I can eat every bad thing
To make the world free
of Hate, detest and sins
Light can’t escape me
So neither can you
I’ll stretch you up like a spaghetti
And put you under my shoe
So remember kids always to
Just stay on the ground
For if you ever come up to me
You will never be found!


Second Place

Big Sky Country
by Sheza, Uttar Pradesh, India

Heat of the day
becomes the cool of night
as twilight reveals the sparkling splendor
of the milky way arching high.
Above the ancient wide land
the computer crackles
as sparks fly towards the sky,
as stories are shared,
of ancestors past,
the flickering fire,
the restless mind day's end.
A sudden flash
a meteor silently bright
during the brief of flight
a journey, fulfilled, tonight!


Third Place

The AstroPoetry Poem
by Kushagra Mittal, Uttar Pradesh, India

That boy in the Polaroid
was much like an Asteroid
caught between the Sun and the Jupiter
Not knowing which to prefer.
That girl in the corner
was treated like a foreigner
They nick named her Venus
For her smile was the sweetest.
At a time where you feel lost
and your faith you have tossed
Look up above in the sky
Look and don't be shy.
Stare at the stars of the night
and tell yourself it's alright.
For the world is Oh-So-Big
and your problem?
merely a twig.
The world calls for you
to be aware to reach for what's out there.
That Despite how small you are.
You are still a bright shining Star.


Honorable Mention

The Night Sky
by Mohanprasath Dhanakumar, Chennai, India

I’ve been waiting for you all day
Not just some words I say
The stars shine so bright
All days at night
The stunning constellation
At different period in every nation
The first natural wonder of the world
No equal to piles of gold
The vivid view you give
That made my life a bit more to live
The memorable way
the message you convey
That’s all makes my day
in the shining moonlight
I’ve been for you all night
It’s been you, the Night Sky.


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