2019 AstroPoetry Winners - Adult Category

Jun 03

Congratulations Entrants!


First Place

Come Walk With Me
by Jean Napp, Wisconsin, US

Come walk with me tonight, my child;
We’ll keep the hearth fire burning
And wrap up snug to brave the cold—
We won’t be late returning.

We’ll pass through pine groves dark and still
To reach the treeless prairie,
Where ancient stories 'bout our heads
Call us to gaze and tarry.

The twins are hiking side by side.
A long-horned bull is prancing.
Two kids rest sweetly by their doe
Near seven sisters dancing.

Our winter friends will be replaced
By springtime stars, west creeping:
Where lions hunt beside the pond,
Gazelles, alarmed, go leaping.

The slinking water serpent slips
Along the tree tops gliding;
The crow and goblet on its tail
Haphazardly are riding.

Soon rising in the east so bright
The hook where hangs the lyre
Predicts tall tales of centaurs, whales,
And sea goats told 'round fires.

Reluctantly towards warmth we’ll turn,
Our rapid steps belying
Our longing to remain and watch
The eagle and swan flying.


Second Place

Midsummer Night Dream
by Swasti Jain, New Jersey, US

The Eagle painstakingly extended its beak,  flaunted its metallic wings ever so slowly,  as its glossy feathers glided across a new resting place.  Silence…

Their footsteps embraced the chalky white powder,  as the impossible mystery was finally solved by mankind.

238,900 miles away,  blurred TV screens reflected the static echo of radio waves,  the body of something so familiar,  yet seemingly unknown the endless gray – of the moon. Wisps of childhood dreams  morphed into a grand voyage of sightseeing,  of wandering, of transcending “time and space…

July of 1969 will always remind us to wink at the moon.


Third Place

by Isabel Coffee, Indiana, USA

“Farewell, Cassini, how far you’ve come. On this eve, in fiery death, Saturn and you are one.” - VIP (Vaporize in Peace): 2004-2017 - Neil deGrasse Tyson, on Twitter
First the flame embraces your base,
then shrink- wraps your concave front.
Tendrils of liquid heat furl your antenna-like Magnetometer,
now charcoal-withered, invisible.
From the footage,
I would never guess the violence of your descent,
and the whole time you have no idea
someone is running the controls.
You leave behind a smoky trail,
bisecting my screen-view of Saturn.
A passing goodbye to her rings.
You won’t see them again.
Perhaps this is the only way to
truly become one with something,
someone else—gold foil engulfed in flame,
sheen outshone by the trail of your own destruction.
Just hours after your demise,
I checked the news to compare stories.
Already on Wikipedia,
an update: “Cassini was de-orbited
by being allowed to burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere.”
What a funny way to word it:
is it such a privilege
to burn away in the atmosphere of a gas giant 8,684,182 times bigger than you?—
To dissipate as dust in the air,
far away from your creator?
You became the ice cream spoon
of Saturn’s gaseous atmosphere:
slicing, hotter than your surroundings.
I watched from my screen billions of miles away—
you were pulled down
down from the orbit you had come to trust.
And then the flame dimmed.
The trail glowed shorter and shorter—
you, lost somewhere in the unseeable distance,
your body nothing but char.
Then nothing.
It’s best that way;
there was no surface down there to catch you.
Meanwhile I pray,
when it’s time,
may I be allowed to burn.


Honorable Mention

From Spaceman until Katie Bouman
by Alexis Rodríguez Quiroz, Lima, Peru

The universe is a poem,
there are a thousand emotions connected
countless as from heaven to its stars
strong as the force of gravity
of love
of hope;
that nothing is as far away as the light years
when a tear springs for a gift from space.

Thousands of lives dedicated to know where we came from;
to discover what was imaginable:
from spaceman
until Katie Bouman
we saw that a black hole was not impossible
What will come next?

We are as tiny as the point of an i
full of questions about our origin,
and at the same time as distant as the number pi
with the hope that we are not the only ones in the universe.

The biggest news was given to us by Pohewi
in an attempt to demonstrate what humans can achieve
and that cannot be summarized in this piece of poetry,
but it makes the world believe
that there is something beyond that is always calling us. 


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