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Apr 30


Our president, Mike Simmons represented Astronomers Without Borders at NEAF this year held in New York. He manned our booth and spread the word about our international outreach. Here's his report: "The Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF), was held in northern New York, and was the highlight of the year for the astronomy industry. The big companies display their wares alongside small vendors that serve every niche in the hobby of astronomy. AWB was there once again with a booth and the AWB OneSky telescope on display, and more, thanks to Planewave Instruments who is generously shipping materials and equipment for...

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Oct 12

Help collect an Earth Master Sample

Organizers of World Space Week , in keeping with their theme of “Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth,” are planning to literally bring two worlds together in order to send a powerful message about the importance of and broad support for interplanetary exploration and scientific understanding of the solar system. They need your help to collect an “ Earth master sample ” that will be made into a unique set of crystals that are part Earth and part Mars. Read More...

Oct 09

Where Do You Celestron?

Celestron’s new video release “Where Do You Celestron?” features AWB’s Founder and President, Mike Simmons, who says, “I Celestron anywhere I am on Earth.” Celestron’s video also introduces experts with remarkable Celestron applications far beyond astronomy. “I Celestron in Wisconsin and all over the world,” said Dave Eicher, Editor of Astronomy Magazine. After seeing Saturn through a telescope eyepiece at his first star party, Eicher bought his first scope, a Celestron-8. See the Celestron video and find out what really blew Eicher’s mind out there in the universe. See Tony Berendsen who says “ I Celestron at Tahoe Star Tours”... Read More...

Sep 24

AWB Solar Viewing Glasses Donation Program

A new Astronomers Without Borders program will provide thousands of free eclipse viewing glasses to schools across Africa where a solar eclipse will take place on 3 November. This is a rare opportunity to expose students to science in a region where science resources are often non-existent. Anyone can purchase safe eclipse viewing glasses, in any amount, for donation to African schools. The need is great. Read More...

Sep 20

Save the Date: AWB Hangout!

Hangout video: AWB will host a hangout on Google+ with Carolyn Porco, the imaging team leader for Cassini from the Space Science Institute in Boulder Colorado, Helen Schell, AWB astroartist of the month, Thilina Heenatigala of Astronomers Without Borders' National Coordinator for Sri Lanka and other guests. Winner of the AWB Telescope Naming contest will be announced during the hangout. Join LIVE on 26 September 2013 at 16UT on AWB Google+ . Read More...

Sep 07

AWB Eclipse Glasses

Another total solar eclipse is coming on November 3, 2013 . Be ready with AWB's safe solar observing glasses ! They are available now from AWB’s online store, priced in single packs of 10 or at amazing discounts for more, perfect for your favorite group of astronomers. With your Eclipse Shades® Safe Solar Glasses you’ll see the sun in glowing orange and the black silhouetted moon—minus 99.999% of the intense ultraviolet, visible and infrared—from the high seas off Florida’s eastern shores to the African coast south of Liberia to Gabon and the inland nations. They’re perfect for observing sunspots, too,... Read More...

Aug 19

AWB Telescope Naming Contest

There's a new arrival at Astronomers Without Borders and you can help give it a name! Sales of AWB first self-branded telescope will not only raise funds for global astronomy programs, it will be used in AWB's own international projects. Sourced for AWB by Celestron, the world's largest manufacturer of telescopes, the 5-inch table-top Dobsonian collapses to a small package for easy transport. It's ideal for beginning astronomers and a great "grab-and-go" scope for experts. This latest star in the AWB universe deserves a good name, and this is where you come in. Nominate a name for the new AWB... Read More...

Aug 13

Big Dipper to Southern Cross a big success!

If you missed the recent “Big Dipper to Southern Cross” worldwide observing events, you can still enjoy the photographs made by observers from around the world! Google+ hangout videos and images from both sessions of Big Dipper to Southern Cross are now posted. Read More...

Aug 08

GAM 2013 AstroPoetry Contest Results

The GAM AstroPoetry Contest had an especially international flavor this year, with the first-place-winning poems in the Adult and Young Adult categories coming from England and China. The contest winners and their prizes are shown on the AWB website . We’ve also posted the winning poems in each of the contest’s three categories: Adult , Young Adult , and Children . Our thanks to all the fine poets worldwide who submitted some 90 poems to the contest. Only 15 of them could be chosen as winners (three prizes plus two honorable mentions in each of three categories), but there were... Read More...

Jul 19

SkySafari Apps Promo for TDTES

As the Earth prepares for its first interplanetary photo shoot, Southern Stars has released brand new updates to its SkySafari apps for iOS, Android, and Mac OS X, to let viewers all around the world follow the occasion. SkySafari's basic version will be free on the iTunes Store from July 19th through July 21st; it's normally USD $3 on the iTunes Store and Google Play. With SkySafari, observers around the globe can easily use their iPhone or Android's GPS, compass, and accelerometer to easily locate Saturn in the sky. A brand new release of SkySafari Plus and Pro (3.8.1) lets... Read More...

Jul 19

TDTES with Morgan Freeman

NASA's Cassini spacecraft, currently in orbit around Saturn, will be turned to image that planet and its ring system during an eclipse of the sun, as it has done twice before during its previous nine years in orbit. But this time, the images collected will capture a glimpse of our own planet alongside Saturn, in what will be the first time the Earth's inhabitants know in advance their picture is being taken from a billion miles away. Read More...

Jul 17

Big Dipper to Southern Cross

Many of us never get a chance to observe the night sky from our opposite hemisphere. Now Astronomers Without Borders and its partners, the Virtual Telescope and the Las Cumbres Observatory, are making it possible for everyone to observe the Northern and Southern Hemisphere skies online! The last time AWB hosted “ Big Dipper to Southern Cross ”, in 2010, it was a big hit: more than 7,000 people from 80 countries participated in one of AWB’s most successful online observing events. Read More...

Jul 11

Mike Simmons on ArkanScience!

Astronomers Without Borders' Mike Simmons is the special guest on this week's edition of the radio show "ArkanScience!". This radio show, hosted by Christina Lynn (Central Arkansas Astronomical Society), is aired on and supported by KABF 88.3 FM (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA). The aim of the programme is to bring world science news to Arkansas and beyond - with a heavy emphasis on astronomy! Christina explained to AWB that her goal with ArkanScience! is to share her passion for science and astronomy. She hopes to spark interest in minds of all ages to bring an entertaining and educational show. The... Read More...

Jul 08

IAU-OAD Call for Proposals 2013

On 1 July 2013 the OAD launched its Call for Proposals for project proposals to be implemented throughout 2014. AWB invites you to submit ideas for funding now! You will find the details of the Call as well as an online application form on the OAD website. This year the process has been made easier for proposers and evaluators so submit your ideas for funding to Task Force 1: Universities and Research, Task Force 2: Children and Schools or Task Force 3: Public Outreach! If you would like to see examples of projects that were funded in last year's call,... Read More...

Jul 05

Highlights of Venus Transit from Mt Wilson

On June 5, 2012, at precisely 22:06 UT, Venus began its transit of the sun’s disk as viewed from the 1700-meter high Mount Wilson Observatory atop the San Gabriel Mountains near Pasadena, California; the last time it will happen until 2117. AWB founder and President, Mike Simmons joined astrophysicist and space science producer for Discovery News, Ian O’Neill as AWB video hosts for the event. Venus’ first contact with the solar limb, and its progress across the sun’s granulated, shimmering surface, was broadcast from Mt. Wilson’s 150’ solar telescope, the world’s largest of its kind. Sharp, H-alpha images were also... Read More...

Jul 02

The Day the Earth Smiled

Photographs of Earth taken from space are among the most iconic images in the history of space exploration. Think of the famed “ Earthrise ” photo from Apollo 8 or the “ Pale Blue Dot ” shot of our home taken from beyond the orbit of Neptune by Voyager 1 in 1990. The Cassini team is aiming to make another Earth portrait from Saturn later this month. July 19, 2013 will be The Day the Earth Smiled , and Cassini will snap our portrait, with a silhouette of Saturn eclipsing the Sun in the foreground, between 21:27 and 21:42 UTC... Read More...

Jul 01

Serene Universe DVD and GAM Hangout

During the Google hangout event organised for Global Astronomy Month 2013, the film ‘Serene Universe’ by filmmaker and planetary scientist Maarten Roos and composer William Zeitler, was screened. Prior to the screening, Maarten Ross explained how the film is an independent project which started in 2008. Read More...

Jun 29

SkyScout from Celestron

The SkyScout from Celestron is all you need to identify planets, constellations, and more than 50,000 stars. Get spoken or text information for objects it identifies, the night’s highlights, astronomy, lessons, and more. Simple use for all ages; just turn it on and point to the sky. Compact and lightweight, the durable SkyScout is the perfect companion when you’re under the nighttime sky. Quantities are limited at this special price, which includes free shipping. Shipping is only available to addresses in US. All proceeds go to AWB for these SkyScounts donated as part of Celestron’s support of AWB programs. Shop... Read More...

Jun 27

Give the Universe to a Blind Kid

Friends and members of Astronomers Without Borders can help share the wonders of the universe with visually impaired children around the world by contributing funds to the “A Touch of the Universe” project. The aim of the project is to create 30 tactile astronomy kits and get them into the hands of teachers in underdeveloped countries of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. The project aims to raise € 3,200 to support creation and distribution of the kits. Please help out and donate today by visiting . Read More...

Jun 22

Lunt Solar Systems H-alpha Telescope

This hydrogen-alpha solar telescope is Lunt Solar Systems' most popular model so they are sold as soon as they come in. You can purchase it now and it will ship as soon as it is in stock again. There is only one available at this discounted price! This complete visual package including a reinforced aluminimum case is fully upgradeable at anytime without ever needing to go back to the factory. The newest technology for fine tuning, a True Doppler Pressure Tuner, allows basic research of the Sun’s disk and surface details. The Lunt Solar Systems eyepieces... Read More...

Jun 18

AWB President to give talk at Tahoe Star

Visitors to Lake Tahoe have an opportunity to see different sorts of stars thanks to Tahoe Star Tours. The company offers stargazing tours from June through September, some of them with kayaking or a concert by a string quartet mixed in. In addition, the Tahoe Star Tours will feature a number of special guest presenters this summer, including Mike Simmons, president and CEO of Astronomers Without Borders, who will speak Aug. 10 about AWB’s efforts to unite one people under one sky. The tours are led by “star guide and poet” Tony Berendsen, who is president of the Northern Nevada... Read More...