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Apr 08

Night Sky Diorama - AstroCraft

Kathleen Horner has created a beautiful way that you can celebrate and learn about how important dark skies. It has become more and more difficult to find a dark sky to watch the skies, and during Global Astronomy Month and International Year of Light, this craft will show you ways in which you can revisit The Night Sky. This 3D to scale representation of a front yard shows different ways that urban areas can utilize easy solutions to preserve the dark sky. In Kathleen's instructions, she encourages you to add any other backdrop, whether it is a field, mountains, or...

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Feb 10

CosmoQuest: Where would you like to explore today?

Science is a community endeavor. In some cases the community is reflected in long author lists on papers. In other cases it is reflected in the conversations in the hallway and in letters (emails) where scientists question and challenge one another, and in the lecture hall seminars where we learn together about what is new in our understanding of the universe. While scientists at academic and research centers can readily participate in this community of science, it is a bit harder for amateur astronomers and citizen scientists who are working from their drive ways and desktops to get engaged. The... Read More...

Nov 20

New AWB Board Chairman

Astronomers Without Borders is pleased to announce the appointment of Stanley Weinstein as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  Stanley is recently retired after 42 years in the nonprofit sector, having served as President of Stanley Weinstein & Co. and providing services for more than 300 nonprofit organizations throughout the US.  Stanley has authored acclaimed books on fundraising for non-profits including The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management and Capital Campaigns from the Ground Up .  Impressed with the work of Astronomers Without Borders since first meeting Mike Simmons during the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009), Stanley has made Astronomers... Read More...

Sep 02

National Geographic Features Malin Video

“The Island,” a time-lapse video by internationally known photographer and AWB supporter Christoph Malin, was featured August 15 on the National Geographic website . The video shows, in time-lapse motion, the stunning vistas of La Palma in the Spanish Canary Islands, some 62 miles off the African coast. Read More...

Aug 30

Deirdre Kelleghan Wins Prestigious Award

Deirdre Kelleghan, AWB National Coordinator for Ireland, has been honored with Science magazine’s prestigious SPORE (Science Project for Online Resources in Education) award for her work in opening up the wonders of the universe to schoolchildren.  Science magazine is the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.     Read More...

Dec 30

Solar Eclipse Live Webcasts

Live partial solar eclipse webcast 4 January 2011 The new year 2011 begins with a big celestial event, a partial solar eclipse, and Bareket Observatory in Israel will broadcast it to the world live on January 4.  The Moon will encroach 60% into the solar disk during the special live webcast. Read More...

Dec 08

Meteor Shower, Lunar Eclipse in December

This month, Astronomers Without Borders will help the global public enjoy two special night-sky events—the Geminid meteor shower, which peaks on December 13-14; and a total eclipse of the Moon on the night of December 20-21. Read More...

Nov 23

GAM 2011 Save the Dates

Save the Dates: April 2011 is Global Astronomy Month April 2011 will again be a busy month for amateur and professional astronomers, educators and astronomy enthusiasts as Global Astronomy Month (GAM) returns for its second edition. The annual event, organized by Astronomers Without Borders, celebrates the Universe in the spirit of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 cornerstone project "100 Hours of Astronomy." Astronomy clubs, science centers, schools, educators, and other astronomy enthusiasts worldwide are invited to reserve dates in April 2011 for public outreach, hands-on activities, observing sessions and more while sharing the enthusiasm with others across the globe... Read More...

Nov 22

John Dobson interview webcast

John Dobson, popularizer of the widely-used Dobsonian telescope design that now bears his name, was interviewed by AWB President Mike Simmons in the first episode of a new series of webcasts, Astronomers Without Borders' Living Legend Series on Saturday, November 13. Watch the program Read More...

Sep 08

First AWB Remote Observing Event

First AWB Remote Observing Has Been Rescheduled The AWB Remote Observing project aims to bring the fun and excitement of observing to AWB groups around the world. The goals of this project are to have AWB groups control remote telescopes online, share their sessions with other groups, and collaborate on observing projects. Read More...

Sep 04

TWAN on PBS NewsHour

The World at Night (TWAN) , a Special Project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 administered by Astronomers Without Borders, is featured on the web site of the flagship news program of the USA's Public Broadcasting System, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. The feature includes a slide show and interviews of AWB President Mike Simmons, TWAN Director Babak Tafreshi and TWAN photographer Wally Pacholka. Coverage of one of 24 exhibitions in shopping malls around the nation accompanies the slide show. Read More...

Aug 21

Dark Sky Awareness: Earth and Sky Photo Contest

Valuable Prizes Added to First International Earth and Sky Photo Contest Valuable prizes have now been added to the the first International Earth and Sky Photo Contest. Two global projects of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, The World at Night (TWAN) and Dark Skies Awareness (DSA), have joined to organize the contest. TWAN-style photographs, which combine Earth and sky together, are easy to create. The contest, with a theme of "Dark Skies Importance", is open to everyone around the world. Read More...

Aug 01

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to Astronomers Without Borders for a special announcement!!! Read More...

Jul 30

First India-Bangladesh Star Party by AWB and StarPeace

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 has sprung up several surprises. Some of them included star parties between two different countries at the same venue. For the first time, an actual star party was held on the Ground Zero between two different countries, which was also attended by the security forces of each country. Read More...

Jun 18

Seasons without Borders

Seasons without Borders is a new project developed by AWB Affiliates in Brazil, India and Iraq. On June 21, 2009 the Sun will reach its most northern point in our sky, marking the beginning of summer north of the equator and the beginning of winter in the south.  AWB Affiliate groups will gather to view the shadow falling on a sundial or even just a stick put into the ground.  They'll connect with other Affiliates to share their observations from different parts of the world.  All AWB Affiliates are invited to join in. Read More...

Apr 27

AWB Gallery and FAQs

The AWB Gallery is ready for you to use!  You can upload pictures to these categories: IYA, Astronomical Pictures, Equipment, Educational Activities, Projects (currently including 100 Hours of Astronomy, and The Sky at Night), and Starparties. There is a how-to guide for viewing and uploading Pictures to the Gallery, which you can find both on the Forum under "Introduction to the AWB Website" , and also as a FAQ . There are also FAQs for registering and logging in , and for using the AWB Forum . Read More...

Mar 24

A 400 anni da Galileo: The World At Night , la mostra a Torino e a Chivasso

Italian site discussing The World At Night (TWAN) Project. Read More...

Mar 24

Planetary Radio: Bringing Astronomy to the People With Mike Simmons

Planetary Radio interview with Mike Simmons about the 100 Hours of Astronomy worldwide celebration. Read More...

Mar 08

100 Hours of Astronomy in Coonabarabran NSW

We have lots of events planned over this period.  A village astrofest in Baradine on Friday night preceded by talks in the schools, solar observing and a BBQ as well telescope workshop, followed by observing at the High School oval. Thursday night will see sidewalk astronomy on the main street of Coonabarabran. There will be live broadcasts to a number of schools on the Friday morning and a Starry Starry night event in the park on the Saturday night. Read More...

Sep 14

The Earth and Sky International Workshop

by Laura Hiller

An International  Workshop on "The Earth and Sky, Astrophotography and Image Processing" (a TWAN project) is scheduled to be held next month in Delhi. Read More...

Sep 14

AWB presentation in Brazil

by Laura Hiller

AWB President Mike Simmons traveled to Brazil to give a presentation for AWB Affiliate Clube de Astronomia Luis Cruls. Read More...