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Jun 03

AstroArtist of the Month - Danielle Futselaar

Danielle Fuselaar was inspired by SETI and the movie Contact to create poster artwork for the SETIcon 2012. As a result, Danielle has create works of asteroids for Franck Marchis, Senior Planetary Astronomer at the SETI Institute. She then went on to illustrate the planets Kepler 186 and Kepler 186. Check out her work in the first in her series of posts at our AstroArtist blog .

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What's New

Apr 08

Night Sky Diorama - AstroCraft

Kathleen Horner has created a beautiful way that you can celebrate and learn about how important dark skies. It has become more and more difficult to find a dark sky to watch the skies, and during Global Astronomy Month and International Year of Light, this craft will show you ways in which you can revisit The Night Sky. This 3D to scale representation of a front yard shows different ways that urban areas can utilize easy solutions to preserve the dark sky. In Kathleen's instructions, she encourages you to add any other backdrop, whether it is a field, mountains, or... Read More...

Apr 08

Solar Eclipse - Arianna Ricchiuti

Arianna Ricchiuti of Bisceglie, Italy submitted a great Members' Report about her solar viewing during the solar eclipse that happened this past March 20. She's so proud that she can help people find objects in the sky with her telescope and says that she now holds her own observing events in collaboration with Planetario Sky-Skan in Bari! To read more about her experience, visit her complete  Members' Report . She truly enjoyed sharing her knowledge with both grown-ups and kids, "This experience has been really rewarding because I realized people gladly listen to me while I am talking and I am able... Read More...

Apr 04

We Got an App for That!

To celebrate this year's Global Astronomy Month celebration, the Alive Wallpaper App will have a GAM-themed wallpapers that you can add to your Android device. This great app is the perfect souvenir of the world's largest global celebration of astronomy. AWB and Bonne-App has teamed up bring these astro-themed papers to the Alive Wallpaper app to help support our important international outreach programs. Download  this app at the Google Play store. Read More...

Mar 24

Monthly Hangout - GAM

This month's hangout we will be talking about GAM 2015. We have a jam-packed line-up that will inform you of all the events that we'll having this year. Christie McGonigal, our chief coordinator has been working very hard to bring the biggest and best GAM ever! Christie will be chatting about Global Astronomy Month and what it means to the astronomy community and how GAM helps to spread the word about STEM education through out the world. She will also be at hand to let you know how best you can participate. Andrew Fazekas, our communications manager, will be chiming... Read More...

Mar 02

Hangout SPECIAL: Orbital Perspective: One Earth, One Sky

Ron Garan , astronaut, while floating in space, recalls looking back at our blue dot and marvelling at the beauty of our Earth. With our shrinking borders and increased technologies, why can't we collaborate globally? While on his stint on the International Space Station this former fighter pilot worked with fifteen nationalities to put a few humans into a sustained environment in space. This is his Orbital Perspective. His newly released book has now explores how we can take that notion of Orbital Perspective and bring it to Earth. Join Ron and fellow astronaut Anousheh Ansari  and Overview Institute 's Frank White... Read More...

Oct 01

TtT Indiegogo Update

The future of children's science education in Tanzania is looking brighter than ever. Our Indiegogo campaign was a great success, we made our goal thanks to some outstanding donations! Our founders, Sue and Chuck Ruehle were so estatic with the results that they had to put out a special thank you video. To thank all of our donors who are helping make this project possible we have created a Thank You Wall . We now have enough to build The Center for Science Education and Observator y and will become a reality in 2015. It will become a Tanzanian hub... Read More...

Sep 04

Telescopes to Tanzania - Stretch Goal

Improving science education in Tanzania The Center for Science is a reality! Now we can multiply its impact by adding more ambassadors right away instead of waiting. An additional $17,000 will DOUBLE the number of astronomy/science ambassadors who will: Visit schools throughout Tanzania Train teachers to teach hands-on, inquiry-based science Teach students Train government education officers in understanding science teaching and scientific concepts Bring more NEW science curricula to schools throughout Tanzania Provide science education resources to TWICE as many schools This stretch goal will allow Telescopes to Tanzania to visit an ADDITIONAL 30 schools, train an ADDITIONAL 60 teachers,... Read More...

Jul 30

Special Astronomy for STEM Education Hangout

Astronauts Ron Garan and Anousheh Ansari join us for our special AWB Hangout, "Astronomy In the Development of STEM Education" on August 6, 2014 @ 16:00 UT / 12 pm ET/ 9 am PT .   Though often neglected in traditional educational systems, astronomy is an ideal way to present science and other technical fields in schools. With limited resources, especially in developing countries, astronomy offers an accessible "laboratory" in a subject that already fascinates children. AWB's Telescopes to Tanzania is just one example of how astronomy is used to promote science learning and curriculum-building in developing countries. This panel... Read More...

Jul 30

July Google Hangout Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you missed our monthly hangout on July 31, 2014, no worries. We have it archived ready for you to enjoy whenever you like. This month our guests included Daniela DePaulis AstroArtist, Mark Thompson of OPT Telescopes, and Bob Eklund, AstroPoetry judge. Daniela DePaulis partners with AWB to create a program called AstroArts where she hopes that an "...ongoing discussion between artists and scientists, creating opportunities for collaboration and dissemination of ideas..." will occur. In this hangout she gave us an update about artists and their recent contributions to the AstroArt movement. Mark Thompson of OPT Telescopes recently donated the... Read More...

Jul 17

Telescopes To Tanzania Campaign In Third Week

Our fundraiser campaign on the Indiegogo crowdsourcing website is going strong - passing the 10% funding milestone - and there already has been quite a bit of media coverage too which has helped get the word out. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far! We are on track to hit our goal. Check out the full story on our Indiegogo page and please share the campaign as widely as you can to help us get the word out. Also if you want to see exactly how amazing the work being done in Africa is and what it... Read More...

Jul 13

AWB Donation Thanks to OPT

The 10th annual Southern California Astronomy Expo , hosted by OPT Telescopes was a great event this year and a big one for AWB. A raffle of equipment donated by the attending vendors is always a highlight and this year AWB was the recipient of the more than $7000 raised in ticket sales. Mike Simmons was on hand to accept the contribution in the form of a giant check. The proceeds will help continue to fund AWB's campaigns and projects around the world. Read More...

Jun 23

2014 TWAN Night Sky Photo Contest Winners Announced

We are excited to announce the 2014 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest Winners. Stunning portraits that highlight the wonders of the night sky and hightlight the battle with light pollution. Photographers from 55 countries submitted over a thousand entries to the contest this year. The images were judged in two categories: “Beauty of the Night Sky” and “Against the Lights.” “Both contest categories provide a visual awareness of the disappearing starry night sky and hopefully an understanding as to its cause,” said contest judge Connie Walker, associate scientist and education specialist at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. “The added... Read More...

Jun 22

AWB Founder on Planetary Radio

AWB Founder and President Mike Simmons was a special guest this month on the Planetary Radio show run by the venerable space exploration advocacy organization, The Planetary Society. Tune-in here to listen to the entire episode. Read More...

Jun 17

Painting Space: Then and Now With Space Artist David Hardy

World renowned astronomical artist David Hardy contributes a fascinating story on our AstroArts blog about changes in the genre of space art over the past century. You won't want to miss the amazing examples of his eye-catching portraits of familiar and exotic cosmic locales. Read Hardy's entire article here . Read More...

Jun 10

New Archive of GAM2014 AAS Random Astro-Fact Tweets

Need cosmic trivia ideas? We invite you to check out our new webpage archiving all the daily cosmic fact-based tweets sent out by the American Astronomical Society in honor of Global Astronomy Month 2014. The successful social media campaign began in 2013 and was retweeted and commented on widely. From our neighboring worlds to the edge of the universe, there are lot of surprising factoids in there. A tip of the hat to Crystal Tinch, Communications Manager at the AAS for putting together the tweets and providing them to AWB. See them all on the AWB Random AstroFacts web page... Read More...

May 23

GAM2014 Participation Certificates Are Ready

Finally for all the dedication and hard work you and your volunteers put into your GAM celebrations we have an official AWB participation certificate suitable for framing. Customize your certificates with the names of all you volunteers and organizers. It is now available for download here. NOTE: You must first have your event registered and have filed a report of that event beforehand. Read More...

May 14

Special GAM2014 Webcast: Celebrating the Sun

Highlights included our special online SunDay event celebrating our closest star - the Sun. On April 28th AWB President and founder Mike Simmons gave a special behind-the-scenes tour of one of the world's most historical solar observatories, the Snow Solar Telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory in California, USA. Check out the archived webcast. Read More...

Mar 10

Uwingu Mars Mapping Project Announces Grant to AWB

Uwingu, a company formed by scientists to raise funds for space exploration and education, has announced a grant to Astronomers Without Borders. The grant was generated by Uwingu's new Mars Mapping Project, an innovative program of public engagement that Uwingu hopes will raise $10 million for space research. Based on the response to the Mars Mapping Project so far, Uwingu is off to a fast start towards reaching that goal. And Astronomers Without Borders will create programs to help reach more astronomy and space enthusiasts around the world. Dr. Alan Stern, the CEO of Uwingu, said, "We're very proud to... Read More...

Mar 07

AWB Founder to Speak On John Dobson

AWB founder Mike Simmons will join a distinguished panel of speakers in Los Angeles tomorrow (Saturday, March 8) to talk about the legacy of John Dobson, who is best known for the popularization of the Dobsonian telescope for amateur astronomers. Below is the media release with full details. WHAT: John L. Dobson (September 14, 1915-January 15, 2014) was world-famous forhis passion for sharing the universe, and his novel and accessible designs fortelescopes. In 1967, he founded the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, anorganization dedicated to building and bringing telescopes to people whereverthey congregate. Today, the “Dobsonian,” or “Dob,” is familiar to... Read More...

Mar 03

Your School Could Win The Chance To Do Asteroid Searches!

Astronomers Without Borders and the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) are sponsoring a special asteroid search campaign as part of Global Astronomy Month (GAM2014) in April. Fifteen schools from around the world will be selected to participate in this campaign, which takes place from 24 March to 28 April, 2014. The deadline to apply is March 17, 2014. Read more details on the Global Astronomy Month website! Read More...