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Partner Programs for GAM 2015

Are you part of an astronomy organization that is planning a public project or event that you would like to have a worldwide reach?  Then why not join us as a proud partner for GAM2015, running the whole month of April. Now’s the time to submit your idea. AWB will be accepting proposals from now until January 30.

Your program/event could very easily be one that is in conjunction with one of AWB's own program (Partner Program) or one that is run solely by your organization (Associate Program).

As a partnered organization you will be able to use the AWB GAM2015 logo in all of your communications. AWB will also be able to help get the word out by posting it onto the Official GAM 2015 website and will be featured on its extensive and fast-growing social network.

Get the international recognition your public outreach program deserves.

For more information on proposal submission guidelines, consult our Partner Programs page here.

GAM 2015 AstroArts

Guidelines for submitting your art proposal for GAM 2015

This year’s Global Astronomy Month is highlighting art in all various media. We would like artists to submit proposals for programs/activities/events during GAM 2015.

Here are the criteria for submissions:

  1. Must be connected to astronomy in some way
  2. Projects can be existing works or those that are specially designed for GAM 2015.
  3. It must be globally accessible (either a google hangout, blog post, photos posted online, downloadable documents). If it is a live performance it must also be broadcast simultaneously online.
  4. Artists are encouraged to present the exhibition, film or performance at a physical location (museum, art gallery, science museum, astronomy club, planetarium etc).
  5. We would like it to be interactive with the (global) audience and make the most of online platforms
  6. 6. It would be an advantage to tie in with other events planned during GAM 2015 that would be ideal - such as SunDay (12 April), Lunar Eclipse (4 April), etc, check our schedule for ideas.

We would request a detailed proposal outline how your project fits into the criteria above.

Please send them to: [email protected]

NOTE: The artist(s) holds the copyrights of the project.

All submissions must be handed in on December 15th so that event scheduling can begin in January.

Got GAM Photos?


Calling All GAM Attendees

In preparation for the upcoming 2015 GAM, we are putting together a promotional video trailer. And we need YOUR participation!

If you have photos or videos (less than one mintue clips) of events in your locale of previous GAMs, please send them to us. Your photos can be featured in the 2015 GAM trailer that will be put out on all AWB website and social channels.

Global Astronomy Month each April is the world's largest global celebration of astronomy, bringing together cultures worldwide under the motto "One People, One Sky."
Hundreds of events are held all over the globe, and we would love to showcase your efforts from 2014 and the years before.

Send us your GAM-pictures of your community and of participants in past GAM events, and we will choose the best ones to appear in a GAM promotional video for 2015! Even we will use some video-sequences if you can provide video material.

Here are the requirements:

Show people having fun at GAM, whether looking through a telescope, admiring art, or whatever your community was doing;
Include a caption with each photo explaining what is happening, and identifying who is in the photo (if you can);
Also tell us who took the photo. (Please, before you send, ensure that we have permission to republish this photo on the AWB website and related materials.)
Ensure photos are in JPG format, at a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
Provide your videos (maximum duration about ~ 1 minute) in mp4 format: minimum resolution 720p (1280×720 Pixel) better 1080p (1920×1080) – Please send a download link in your e-mail!

Send entries to: [email protected]
Deadline: Saturday, 1 Nov. 2014.
Please attach, if possible, a download link - this is better than attaching images directly to the e-mail.
For providing your video material a download link is mandatory.

Before sending your pictures and video, please, have a look at GAM 2014 and GAM 2013 trailer to see which kind of pictures were used:

Show people having fun at GAM, whether looking through a telescope, admiring art, or whatever your community was doing;

Also, send nice night landscape images, as possible as with people under the starry sky!
We are interested to have contributions from all over the world, from different places from our planet, with different sky conditions, activities and local symbols: normal urban and rural areas including people and/or buildings, exotic places, desert, arctic areas, etc.

Keep in mind: One People, One Sky!


Dan Durda - AstroArtist of the Month (October 2014)

Dan Durda is a self-proclaimed Renaissance man. Scientist, artist, spelunker, pilot, he even has an asteroid named after him (6141 Durda).

This month, especially for AWB, Dan writes candid articles about how arts and science came together for him naturally and how his art has evoled throughout the years with the help of digital media.

In My (Non)-Tradtional Path to Space Art he explains how science was a big influence in his young life and how art was always just "there". A huge change in his art came when he discovered Photoshop!

 In Opening a Digital Pandora's Box Dan explores how the digital media changed the way that he created art. He states that he went through a media evolution - transitioning from two different eras in his art BA and AA that's Before Avatar and After Avatar, says Durda.

Much of Dan's work stems from his fascination with other worlds. In All These Worlds, he examines how peering out into the Milky Way on summer nights in Michigan inspired thoughts about what other planetary systems might be like out there.

For 20+ years as a professional astrophysist Dan's studied asteroids, however his passion for exoplanets remains. "My love of exoplanets and alien life lives on through my artwork.."

Telescope to Tanzania Update

This summer after hearing of the Telescopes to Tanzania project, Bill Pothen of Racine, Wisconsin, US decided that he would donate his 12" telescope. However, after being in storage for many years, it needed some tender-loving care.

On the weekend of October 11+12....Dave a member of the Racine Astronomical Society sanded, painted, and sanded and painted and sanded and painted the pier and other parts of the the Cave Cassegrain Telescope being refurbished for the observatory in Tanzania.

Here are some more photos of the continuing restoration project:

Photo credit: Chuck Ruehle

Partial Eclispe Oct. 23

On October 23 all of North America and parts of Central America will have the chance to view a partial solar eclipse.

An eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However a partial eclipse is when the center of the shadow of the moon misses the Earth causing only part of the Sun to be obscured.

WARNING: you must NEVER look at the sun with the naked eye. For protection, you can use specialized solar glasses that filters the damaging rays of the sun.

Read more about viewing the solar eclipse safely.

AWB has glasses for such an occation. Don't forget, that when you're buying these glasses, you're also supporting great international outreach programs!

World Space Week

Coming October 4 through 10, World Space Week will be heralding International efforts in Space Science and Technology. With more than 1400 events 80 different countries world wide, this is the largest public space celebration on Earth!

This year's theme is GPS or "Space Guiding Your Way". Satellites have become an essential for everyday living in the past recent years and this dependency will increase even further with the release of multiple new systems.

The organizers of World Space Week hope that this theme will inspire groups around the world to join in on the festival.

Mike in Portugal

Astronomy education was the focus at the inaugural meeting of the Astronomy Education Alliance conference in Portugal the week of Sept. 8. From the classroom to public outreach and even space missions, all forms of astronomy awareness and education were presented and discussed. This new forum was an expansion of the regular conference of the Global Hands-On Universe program, this year held in conjunction with the European Planetary Space Conference.

AWB's President, Mike Simmons, gave a presentation on AWB's education programs, from sidewalk astronomy to new partnerships in formal education. Chuck and Sue Ruehle, founders and managers of AWB's Telescopes to Tanzania program, described this very successful program via a remote online connection just days after completing a successful crowdfunding program for a science center in east Africa. The AWB AstroArt program was presented by Mike Simmons for Daniela De Paulis, the program's founder, in her absence.

Representatives of many of the programs in attendance later met at a different venue to discuss the upcoming International Year of Light 2015. The International Astronomical Union is leading the "Cosmic Light" portion of the year, and much of its effort is being spearheaded by those in attendance. The year presents many opportunities for new programs and partnerships, and AWB is central to some of the discussions.

Yin-Ju Chen - AstroArtist of the Month

This month's AstroArtist is Yin-Ju Chen whose primary medium is video, but her works also includes photos, installations and drawings. In the past few years she has focused on the function of "power" in human society, nationalism, racism, totalitarianism, collective thinking or collective (un)conscious. Her recent projects also engage in the relations between cosmos and human behaviour.

In her special article for AWB, she speaks about what films have inspired her to be interested in astronomy and space. Check out this interesting article!

Mike on the Mic!

Mike Simmons, AWB's president and founder, appeared on the The Space Show speaking with Dr. David Livingston about AWB's programs and especially the importance of Telescopes to Tanzania. Take a listen.

Telescopes to Tanzania - Stretch Goal

Improving science education in Tanzania

The Center for Science is a reality! Now we can multiply its impact by adding more ambassadors right away instead of waiting.

An additional $17,000 will DOUBLE the number of astronomy/science ambassadors who will:

  • Visit schools throughout Tanzania
  • Train teachers to teach hands-on, inquiry-based science
  • Teach students
  • Train government education officers in understanding science teaching and scientific concepts
  • Bring more NEW science curricula to schools throughout Tanzania
  • Provide science education resources to TWICE as many schools
  • This stretch goal will allow Telescopes to Tanzania to visit an ADDITIONAL 30 schools, train an ADDITIONAL 60 teachers, and directly reach an ADDITIONAL 2000 students.

The need in Tanzania is great. The need throughout east Africa, and beyond, is even greater. The Center will be a model for transforming science education throughout the region. Astronomy unlocks the door to teaching science and inspiring youth to become scientists.

Today's science students will be the future agronomists who feed the continent, doctors who treat diseases, and engineers who provide clean water technology.

Invest in the future of the world's largest continent by giving the next generation of scientists a boost!

The cost for each new ambassador includes a one-week hands-on training program, a resource package used for their training sessions including a telescope and teaching materials, 10 visits to schools through the year (including transportation), and resources to be left in each classroom that's visited.

This is the BEST way to build on this ongoing effort, to expand what has already created, and to share the gains to be made. The greater the reach, the more the government and other in-country stakeholders will take note and provide assistance. Early success will show it CAN and WILL happen.

Help us build on the momentum you have created.
Support this very important stretch goal!


Share to Win Contest

Spread the word and win a OneSky Telescope! We're launching a referral competition. When you share information about Telescopes to Tanzania and raise the most over $1200, you can win a OneSky Telescope. Second place will win a chic AWB T-shirt.

Simply go to the Indiegogo Telescopes to Tanzania web page, log in and use the sharing tools OR after you've made a donation, use the link that's given to you in your social media circles and you may win!

Remember, the more you share, the more chances you have to win.



News & Blog Updates

Romania under Lights (2)

Terry Lovejoy seems to be a predestined name. “His” new comet (the 5th!), C/2014 Q2, was gladly photographed by Valentin Grigore near the Priseaca Lake (Dambovita County) in January 2015.

24 January

Passing to the Year of Light (2)

The first work, with a picture taken from a ship on the Danube River (with the sunset near the city of Braila), represents a metaphoric localization of ancient Dacia (current Romania). Thus: -The Argonauts’ expedition (connected to more names of...

24 January

Emerald Green Comets!

Emerald Comet Lovejoy! Surprise from Lepus, Orion's rabbit-shoed feet!   Q2! Green fuzzball of Eridanus, Escaping Orion's Hunting Bow!   Emerald Comet Holmes! Green orbed crystal ball! A northern wizard from the Realm of Oz!   Green comets now in...

24 January

Passing to the Year of Light

These two works, marking the main source of natural light (the SUN!) in the last day of 2014 (before the International Year of Light), were made in Bucharest near the Dambovita River and in the Youth Park.

22 January

Erika Blumenfeld: AstroArtist of the Month (Blog 2 of 4)

Erika Blumenfeld Title: Untitled (Antarctica, 30 January 2009, 16:51:41 GMT) Date: 2009 Medium: Archival digital pigment print Size: 40x60 inches (101.6 x 152.4 cm)  Description: In January 2009, Blumenfeld was invited to Antarctica for a six-week artist-in-residence. Living and working...

14 January

Ode to the ISS

We earthbound look up and wave at the light With moments to ponder your circling flight. Observing while floating from gravity free, Humanity hungers to see what you see. Imagining life in a box in the sky as Mechanical, stressful,...

10 January

Romania under Lights (1)

These three images (a lunar halo, a sunset from the Voievods Hill, and Mercury close to Venus) were taken by Valentin Grigore in the Targoviste area, and open a new series by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM),...

24 January

Lovejoy q2 2015

We waited and waited as the years passed us by To see a bright comet, as it passed through the sky. McNaught, a beautiful sight but too far south, Seen by the Aussies but for us it never panned out....

24 January

Erika Blumenfeld: AstroArtist of the Month (Blog 3 of 4)

Erika Blumenfeld Title: Living Light No. 2 (Pyrocystis Fusiformis) Date: 2011 Medium: Archival digital pigment print Dimensions: 40x60 inches In collaboration with Dr. Michael Latz, Marine Biologist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Description: In Living Light No. 2 (Pyrocystis Fusiformis), the...

22 January

Milk Spill

Under inexorable gravity’s pull, galaxies often move toward one another. Closer and closer they come to each other, till astronomic smashups happen in full.   For no less than two of them, possibly three, such a scenario has been predicted,...

19 January

To jail on december 14 2014 !,

Hi, Last december 14th, I went to  a prison (Marneffe, Liege province). We were 3 from various clubs (me, Linda and Serge) to pass the checkpoint an go to a place with a noth-west free sky visibiliy (there are lots...

12 January

Erika Blumenfeld: AstroArtist of the Month (Blog 1of 4)

Erika Blumenfeld Title: Light Recording: Spring 2005 Date: 2005 Medium: Chromogenic prints, aluminum panels, laminate Size: 30x40 inches (76.2x101.6 cm)  Description: In Light Recording: Spring 2005, Blumenfeld documented the 93 days between the vernal equinox (March 20, 2005) and...

06 January