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News & Blog Updates

AWB on Airways

Mike Simmons, founder and president of AWB was featured on the online international radio show  The Stuph File  hosted by Peter Anthony Holder. Mike talked about AWB's world wide outreach programs and the importance of the Telescopes to Tanzania Project....

19 August


  In July 2014 I visited a few countries in the Balkan Peninsula, and the images I selected for this episode contain:   The Sun over the Danube River, seen from the Pancevo Bridge near Belgrade (Capital of Serbia).  ...

14 August

Dollar Donation Day

  You can also help by sharing the campaign from the indiegogo page  (using the share tools under the video) and by commenting  on the campaign. All of these factors will be combined to help us raise our global exposure....

12 August

GAM AstroPoetry Winners 2014 - Children's Category

  First Place: THIS POEM IS ABOUT THE MOON By Anaya Agarwal, Ghaziabad, India This poem is about the moon, It is going to end soon. The moon comes in the night,It does not have its own light. The first...

11 August

GAM AstroPoetry Winners 2014 - Adult Category

  First Place: CHILDREN FORM AN ORRERY, AND ALL THE PLANETS COLLIDE By Christine Rueter, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA A frenzied kid skirts the Sun and giggles while somewhere in the middle giants drag along their cliques. On the outskirts...

11 August

Grandeur of ORM

  We’ve decided a special final episode on the SARM expedition 2014 to the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (ORM) in La Palma, not before thanking Bob Eklund for his encouragement to make this series, and Alexandru Sebastian Grigore for...

08 August

Inexhaustible Milky Way: Runcu (2)

These two works come to complete the image of the astronomical camp for children, Astro & Photo 2014, led by Valentin Grigore and organized by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) in Runcu, Romania (July 2014).

18 August

Celestial String of Pearls

  Image – The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured a cosmic moment of two merging cluster galaxies connected by a bright blue string of young stars.   In a Hubble bubble there’s a pearly gate of blue bridging ancient galaxies...

12 August

GAM AstroPoetry 2014 Winners

The GAM AstroPeotry Contest this year had the most entries since the start of this competition three years ago - 255 poems from 19 different countries - truely international. Many of the younger poets were from India and Indonesia, while...

11 August

GAM AstroPoetry Winners 2014 - Young Adult Category

  First Place: COSMOPOETS By Elizabeth Gutierrez, Ingleside, Illinois, USA I am the Cosmos The poem is about myself Its poet is me. The Cosmos is you A poem about you all You are the poet. Cosmos within us The...

11 August

The 2014 Fist Night of the Shooting Stars at Fernelmont, Belgium

First night of the shooting stars at Fernelmont, Belgium. On friday 8th august , the firs Night of the Shooting Stars (Nuit des étoiles filantes or NEF), took place at Fernelmont , 15 km north-east of Namur. Weeks earlier, the...

10 August

Celebrating the Rosetta Asteroid Mission

Handmade 3D clay sculpture of comet 67P on a sheet of black paper After a 10 year journey, Europe's Rosetta space probe has reached it destination to Comet 67P in deep space. It was discovered by two Ukranians, Klim Ivanovych...

06 August