NEW: Eclipse Glasses Redistribution Program
Astronomers Without Borders will be announcing a program to collect eclipse glasses for distribution to other countries for future eclipses. Hold on to your glasses! Ask the company or organization you got them from if they will be taking part. We will announce details soon after the eclipse. We have corporate partners who will be receiving and processing them for us. Please DO NOT send them to AWB! Sign up for our newsletter for more details or follow us on Facebook.

Jogja Astro Club (JAC)

About Us

Jogja Astro Club (JAC) is an small organization of amateur astronomers from Indonesia. Jogja mean Yogyakarta is  one of the provinces in Java Island (near Bali Island you know). In in many occasions we actively popularity astronomy education-learning and awareness to the people in accordance with our goal. We bring to them in many astronomical projects and activities like eclipses observation, comet and meteor hunting, exhibition, lectures, islamic crescent moon observation (rukyatul hilal), outdoor astronomy video screening and etc. We also cooperative with many related institutions. Founded in Yogyakarta on July, 1st 2005 by Mr. Mutoha Arkanuddin an amateur astronomer.



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