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Apr 10

GAM2017 – Philippines; the First Week

The Global Astronomy Month celebration began on Saturday April 1, 2017 with the Global Star Party as its first event. The Filipino Astronomy community is very active in astronomy outreach so for the entire week... Read More...

Apr 08

Jupiter opposition from Brazil

Astrophotography by Robert Magno on Chapeco-SC, Brazil, with Jupiter on opposition and Europa, Ganimedes and Calisto. Read More...

Apr 08

Capture of opposition's Jupiter

We share this astrophotography about the opposition of the planet Jupiter! This time our collaborator in astrophotography and Solar System Ambassador - NASA / JPL Fernando Roquel Torres shares his capture result of the observation... Read More...

Apr 08

Jupiter opposition 2017 April 7. yellow large xt8

Never before was i able to capture Any planet as large as this time, because i was able to hold the lens on smartphone to ocular. Read More...

Apr 08

Astronomy in Belgium

Hello, I'm the belgian AWB coordinator, president of an amateur astronomy club at Gembloux (frenchspeaking side). We do take part to GAM events when it's possible (it might be the case tonight!)..The weather is very... Read More...

Apr 07

April 1, 2017 ALP GAM Global Star Party Report

by James Kevin Ty

Last April 1, Astronomical League of the Philippines held its first of the 4 events planned for Global Astronomy Month this April. The April 1 event is Global Star Party and this is staged simultaneously... Read More...