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May 02

Astronomy evening at Turtle lake - finalizing GAM - 2017

At 30th of April Georgia Astronomy Club organized “Public Astronomy Evening” at Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia. With this event, Georgia Astronomy Club has completed astronomy outreach campaign organized within the frameworks of Global Astronomy Month... Read More...

Apr 30

GAM 2017 - Astronomical Educational Talk "Astronomia y Astrofotografia para Aficionados" in Caribbean University Bayamon Campus, Puerto Rico

On April 29, 2017, from 10am, an educational talk entitled "Astronomy and Astrophotography for Amateurs" was given to teachers, students and guests at the Caribbean University Bayamón, Puerto Rico. This is due to the celebration... Read More...

Apr 30

GAM 2017 Philippines – The Last Week

The last week of the 2017 Global Astronomy Month celebration One of the strengths of the local astronomy community of the Philippines is in doing astronomy outreach activities. To celebrate the Global Astronomy Month astronomy... Read More...

Apr 28

Mobile planetarium in school in Belgrade, Serbia

In cooperation with the Center for Promotion of Science, on Wednesday, 19th April 2017, mobile planetarium visited school ivo Andric in Belgrade. The pupils of the fifth and sixth grade, and Relja Gracanin, had the... Read More...

Apr 26

April 25, 2017- Four Corners Lecture Series: Our History Is in the Stars

We had 33 people in attendance, which was more than expected because it was snowing. The program was largely indoors with PowerPoint, as a result. Despite this, there was great feedback from attendees many of... Read More...

Apr 24

Meteor Rain Astrocamping Liridas 2017

Meteor Rain Astrocamping Liridas. Observation of the meteor shower occurred in the Valley of Eden an Ecovilla in the interior of Goias whose Gunstar Team works training in its fields of low light pollution Read More...