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Jan 25

M46/M47 in Binoculars

Stargazing with binoculars is a speedy way to see celestial objects in awesome detail. project nightflight has developed an astrophotography and image processing technique to show some deep-sky objects as they appear in binoculars. This... Read More...

Jan 25


Every 15th of each month, except in April, the Serbian AWB organize a small quiz with 10 with different astronomy themes. On 15th January was the 9th Quiz, this time with the theme "Orion". We... Read More...

Jan 24

Primera Capsúla Informativa sobre el Eclipse Solar Total y Parcial en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico en el 2017

I share to you this report of Total and Partial Solar Eclipse event in August 21, 2017 in USA and Puerto Rico To view the report, please click YouTube link: Read More...

Jan 20

GAM 2017 in Spain

AstroGEDA (Elche, España) comienza a adaptar su centro de actividades para participar en el GAM 2017. Contará de una sala con terraza para las actividades con telescopio y poder transmitir en directo algún evento y... Read More...

Jan 16

Charla Astronomia y Astrofotografia para Aficionados

I share a talk about Amateur's Astronomy and Astrophotography for the entire enthusiast community in astronomy on social networks. To access the talk here: Read More...

Dec 27

The Star of New Year's Eve

Fireworks and celebrations, that's what many people associate with the coming of the New Year. But as the countdown is peaking and expectations are running high, there is yet another show going on in the... Read More...