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Jan 29

Worst lightpollution-attack in Austrian alps - ever!!!

Following some photographic impressions from my Tyrolean-astrofriends attacked by beams of light. A really hard attack to men and wildlife. Wondering events like these ( Festival of Light - Swarovski ) are authorized by the... Read More...

Jan 29

Orion and Chinese New Year

When the three Belt stars of Orion shine high in the south after sunset, it's time for the spring festival in China ... the traditional Chinese New Year, starting this weekend! The three lined-up prominent... Read More...

Jan 29

Report on The Solar Filters Recommendations for the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

I share with you an YouTube report on solar filters for the partial and total solar eclipse event on August 21, 2017 For view the YouTube report here: Read More...

Jan 28

Small GEO lift off

Jan 28


Astro Clock Dedfine The sun & moon at Their Transit Read More...

Jan 28

The Time

The Time The Time is can be reckoned in the space at any random point. But ending of reckoning is not possible. Beginning of the time reckoning is can be do any random point of... Read More...