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Feb 16

Educational Talk of New Horizon Updates!

I share with Astronomers without Borders community this educational talk about New Horizon updates spoken in spanish. To view the educational talk: Read More...

Feb 15

Last chance to make Astronomy happen in a far land

In a few hours, AWB's campaign to help children in rural Patagonia will be over. The February 26 solar eclipse will sweep over farms and towns in southern Argentina. A land of harsh winters and... Read More...

Feb 13

AWB is growing in Kosovo (ACK - AstroFER)

What a great successful & productive way of starting 2017. In the premises of UP - Faculty of Education, Dep. of Physics in Pristina we held a joint a friendly meeting between our club ACK/AWB... Read More...

Feb 12

A unique chance for many children. Can you help?

Children of Patagonia (Argentina) will have the chance of a lifetime, as the AWB campaign to provide them with solar glasses continues. As of this writing, 336 glasses have been secured thanks to 13 generous... Read More...

Feb 11

Full moon in the the lantern festival all over China

Full moon in the The Lantern Festival all over China tonight, The Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar... Read More...

Feb 07

AWB Campaign for the solar eclipse in Argentina continues

As the Moon quietly slides towards its date with the Sun, excitement builds up in Patagonia. And we hope you will join us, in one way or another! Camarones, a little known town by the... Read More...