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Jan 31

Welcome to GAM 2010!

Mike's profile Welcome to the GAM Blog! As you should know by now, Global Astronomy Month (GAM) is a follow-up to the hugely successful 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The network of amateur astronomers and others around the world who took part in planning that unprecedented event and many of the tens of thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who took part just didn't want the fun to end. We agree. But this time we have a whole month. Why so long? Are we crazy? Perhaps, but that's not the... Read More...

Jan 18

Welcome to MyBlog!

Hello, Thank you for using MyBlog! , the premier blogging tool for the popular Content Management System - Joomla!. MyBlog! is a feature packed, AJAX enabled replacement for the Joomla! Blog component. Among the features currently implemented are: MyBlog! Dashboard Quick search and linking of previous posts while writing a blog entry Tags / Tagclouds Easy image upload and browsing using MyBlog!'s own image browser SEF friendly permanent links for each blog entry Single-click publishing/unpublishing AJAXed page view of my blog entries MyBlog! Admin Publishing/posting permissions 3rd party MyBlog! addons support similar to Mambots Jomcomment integration Moderate blogs, tags/categories MyBlog!... Read More...