April Fools Moon Gaze Pfluger Bridge Austin Texas

01 April 2017
Rob Pettengill
Watch the sunset and gaze at the 6 day old moon on...

Asteroid Search

01 April 2017 to 30 April 2017
Katie Demetriou
Asteroid Hunt Challenge. 6 volunteers from the English School Astronomy Club will...

Astronomy at the Fountain

01 April 2017
Martin Fanning
Come out to the fountain in the middle of the Eastern Shore...

Astronomy in the Square and Meeting of Telescopes

01 April 2017
Mateus Cavalcanti Felix Oliveira
Free event with telescopes at public disposal for observation of planets, double...

Astronomy Program

01 April 2017
Annie Gilliland
Great Basin National Park's first astronomy program of the year falls on...

Create Your Dreams

01 April 2017 to 24 April 2017
Katie Demetriou
"Create Your Dreams Astronomy isn't only about science and mathematics. Use the...

Global Star Party

01 April 2017
Victoriano Canales Cerda
Iniciamos el GAM con una plantada de telescopios para observar los mejores...

Global Star Party

01 April 2017 to 07 April 2017
SPACE Chennai
Global Star Party is the time to come out and observe the...