Tale of a Troubled Galaxy

Jun 28
by Harley White

TaleTroubledGalaxy 800

Life oftentimes can be fast and furious,
as dramatized in this cosmic sight
which piqued the wonder of gazers curious,
seeking to grasp the star system’s plight.

Albeit as jellyfish galaxy known
that spiral within Norma Cluster
like a puffed dandelion by breezes blown
is spreading its seeds in the bluster

while streaking through hot seething gases in space,
being ‘ram pressure’ stripped as it zooms,
at a stunningly swift precipitant pace,
trailing tendrilous filament plumes.

In the pull of the Great Attractor it’s caught,
an ‘anomalous’ gravity force
that is puzzling astronomers who have sought
its perplexing mysterious source.

The astounding strength it exerts staggers one’s
imagination, tugging us all
with the power of a million billion Suns.
Will worlds assemble in the long haul?

But let us not stray from the matter at hand,
the stelliferous runaway state
of the violent land on that spiral’s strand
far-removed from our nebulous fate.

An abundance of massive stars in its wake
have emerged in the galaxy’s path;
thus amidst the destruction these furies make
there’s a stellar rebirth aftermath…

Life whizzes by, so it seems, when we’re nearing
the time we must turn this earthly page.
Then we might tremble as death is appearing
to usher us from the pageant’s stage.

For when all histrionics and revels end
and our cause and effect takes its sum,
who can say if we journey beyond that bend
or what nature of dreams may still come?

~ Harley White

* * * * * * * * *

Inspiration for poem and image from article ~ “ESO 137-001: Life Is Too Fast, Too Furious for This Runaway Galaxy”…

Additional info ~ “Mystery of The Great Attractor” ~ “Unknown Force Pulling Our Milky Way Galaxy Towards It With the Force of a Million Billion Suns”…

Article with more info and videos ~ “Spiral galaxy spills blood and guts”…

Image shown as “Hubble and Chandra composite of ESO 137-001”

Image ~ “Stripping ESO 137-001” also posted here…

Image ~ “ESO 137-001: Life Is Too Fast, Too Furious for This Runaway Galaxy”

Credit: NASA, ESA, CXC


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