2017 AstroPoetry Winners - Children's Category

Jun 16
Congratulations Entrants

First Place
Harshiet Sinha, New Delhi, India

After a young moon sets deeper and deeper the darkness gets,
murky depths
of the unknown
horsehead nebula
only the star light
collected by beings
can pierce the darkness.

Second Place
Neve Dickson, Johannesburg, South Africa

My class is like the Sun - a diversity of colours, religions and cultures.
I am Pluto. Not named after the Greek god of the underworld but for my size - the smallest in the class.
Jupiter is the bully in the galaxy. He fills his short days with unkind words and actions.
The coldest teacher is Uranus. She is not called the ice-giant for nothing.
Venus is my sister planet. A day with her feels like more than a year of happiness.
Heavier than Earth is my friend Saturn. Beneath his weight lies a soft soul.
The Roman warrior is Mars. He causes drama to entertain.
My class is like the solar system - rich in diversity. I learn from it everyday.

Third Place
Asmi Sharma, Delhi/NCR, India

“Stay at home”, my mum said; She never let me go far. Make sure you stay in this galaxy Don’t speak to any alens Orf u’ll be their lunch. Don’t land on any white dwarfs; You’ll be burnt to a crunch And never go near a blackhole I want you to staykid ahapped Noy-Stretched out like a sausage As thin as a piece of tape. Oh! Why didn’t I take any notice? Why was I sure that mum was wrong? If only I’d done what my mum said, I would not be twenty miles long! O Dear! Because I didn’t listen to mum I am now a wiggly-chiggly CHEWING GUM.

Honourable Mention
Gauri Nagpal, Faridabad, India

The Master Painter picked up his brush,
Beautifully He painted, there wasn’t any Rush,
His thoughts were great,
And Strokes that were never late,
To Sketch a Picture never even before,
He used all Strokes and Colours to pour,
And create a masterpiece, He was very very sure!
It was amazing, it was awesome!
A Bright Beautiful Sun, many more to come,
It shone in the sky – Blue and Vast, with fluffy clouds that flew past,
The painter sprinkles magic in the sky It turned pitch dark,
do you know why?
There were twinkling stars rushing by,
Along with the Solar Moon so high,
Oh! what a Beauty! what a Scene!
Looked like Heaven, the world was keen!
To know the name of the Picture Seen.
A voice very soft whispered around,
It’s the ‘SPACE’, the sweetest picture ever found,
It was the space with Billions Stars.
There were having bodies to tell minutes and hours.
The sweetest Picture,
the Master made centuries ago, it will never fade


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