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Sep 23

Romanian Skies 2016 (49)

By Valentin Grigore and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

The first 7 editions of SARM' s Perseid camp (1993-1999) took place on the Voivodes Hill near Targoviste, the last of them (entitled EuRoEclipse Perseids 99) being ennobled by participants... Read More..

Sep 23

Evenness of Light

By David Duarte, Brazil

Au revoir , Scorpius, and thy sinuous elegance! For hosting Mars and Saturn, our kindest thanks! Who could conceive that such Olympian presence Would make thy curves' charm even more... Read More..

Sep 22

Autumn Equinox


autumn equinox another day like yesterday Read More..

Sep 21


By Bob Eklund, California, U.S.A.

Sun, filtered through cloud, Tries to cast a sharp shadow Of the flower-stalk. Bravely, Capella Shines through the gathering clouds Of winter's first storm. Read More..

Sep 20

So Loosely Attached

By Bob Eklund, California, U.S.A.

Like an autumn leaf, This day falls and blows away... So loosely attached. Read More..

Sep 19


by Javier Zevi, Argentina

On the line that the sun draws at the top of a new sky We seek a horizon of high values. Read More..