Program Goals

  • Present works combining art, science, and culture in presenting astronomy
  • Provide different perspectives on the intersection of art and science
  • Present astronomy as the source of inspiration in art and culture
  • Provide a residency program for artists to make use of AWB's community and resources in creating unique works of art

Latest News

Jan 16

Astroartist of the Month - Ger Cawdell (2 of 4)

by Ger Cawdell, Victoria, BC, Canada

Before I begin the second installment discussing the types of magnifying glasses I use, I need to supply a disclaimer: I am not an expert in physics, nor I have... Read More..

Jan 16


By Bob Eklund, California, U.S.A.

Beyond Earth's far edge, The old year's sun prepares for A new bright day. PHOTO by Wolf Seeberg: Sunset over Pacific Ocean shore at Venice, California, pier (previously published in... Read More..

Jan 14

Romanian Skies 2016 (71)

By Valentin Grigore and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

During the Geminid maximum night, Valentin Grigore caught two exceptional phenomena at the same time. This is probably our best piece in 2016 and certainly a gift of Holidays. Have... Read More..

Jan 14


By Eido Boru, Brisbane, Australia

Mercury - Half dark Half bright Venus - First in the sky At night Earth - A blue dot Soil and surf Mars - Dull red Dead turf Four geomorphologic... Read More..

Jan 09

Astroartist of the Month - Ger Cawdell (1 of 4)

by Ger Cawdell, Victoria, BC, Canada

With a university degree in biology, Ger Cawdell finds inspiration for most of his artwork in nature and its inherent treasures, with a desire for the preservation of natural phenomena.... Read More..

Jan 03

Mirror, Mirror

by Harley White

If I were a galaxy in outer space and wanted to find my reflection, a mirror I'd seek so to peek at my face while engaging in introspection. Suppose I... Read More..