The  global network of Affiliate organizations is the foundation of the Astronomers Without Borders (AWB).  AWB links like-minded groups around the world to share ideas, resources and projects.

We encourage all organizations in astronomy, space science or any international pursuit to join the AWB network of Affiliates , whether a small astronomy club or a huge multinational advocacy program.  All are welcome to participate in  the many AWB current and future projects.  Affiliates receive regular updates on Astronomers Without Borders' progress, projects and programs and are eligible to participate in all AWB programs.

Register your organization as an AWB Affiliate

  • You must be logged in to register your organization as an Affiliate.
  • If you are not already a registered user, register here first.
  • Once you are logged in, go to the Affiliate Registration page to add a new entry for your group.

User and Affiliate registration are both free!

Create an AWB group for your Affiliate organization

With a group your organization will have a home page with a wall, announcements, a photo, a video gallery, discussions, and friends and followers. It's your organizations's home and active presence in the Astronomers Without Borders Global Community. Log in and click on "Start a new group" on your profile page.