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About AWB

Astronomers Without Borders is a global astronomy community. Astronomy enthusiasts, educators, and others worldwide come together in programs based on our common interest in astronomy.

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Join Astronomers Without Borders worldwide astronomy community. Get the latest news and program updates, and take part. Join as an individual or affiliate group, or donate to become a sponsor or supporter.

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Latest News

Apr 14

Melanie King - AstroArtist of the Month

Melanie King is our AstroArtist of the month . She's an artist that look at the histories of photography and astronomy and sees parallels between since the 19th Century. She asked, "did the study of light by polymath inventors (Herschel, Talbot,... Read More...

Apr 08

Night Sky Diorama - AstroCraft

Kathleen Horner has created a beautiful way that you can celebrate and learn about how important dark skies. It has become more and more difficult to find a dark sky to watch the skies, and during Global Astronomy Month and... Read More...

Apr 08

Solar Eclipse - Arianna Ricchiuti

Arianna Ricchiuti of Bisceglie, Italy submitted a great Members' Report about her solar viewing during the solar eclipse that happened this past March 20. She's so proud that she can help people find objects in the sky with her telescope and says... Read More...

Current Projects & Events

Global Astronomy Month 2015

Global Astronomy Month (GAM), organized each April by Astronomers Without Borders, is the world's largest global celebration of astronomy. GAM 2015 will bring new ideas and new opportunities, again bringing enthusiasts together worldwide to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders' motto One People, One Sky . See below for GAM programs and GAM-related news (coming soon). Some important dates are on the  Program Schedule now, with n ew programs being added all the time.
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Geminids 2010

Poster credit: Azhy Hasan ( Download print version ) Earth encounters the Geminid Meteor Shower each December.  For 2010, this shower will begin December 7th and end around December 17th.  To celebrate this event, AWB is spearheading a new project called Meteors Without Borders (MwB), scheduled for the peak of the shower on December 13th and 14th. Most meteor showers originate from the dust left behind by a comet.  However, this one is birthed from an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon—a near-Earth (or Earth-crossing) asteroid that lives in the intermediate main belt.  3200 Phaethon is also called an Apollo asteroid (Palladian...
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